How To Reset Player Data On Your Minecraft Server

Each player connected to your server will have a file that contains their inventory data as well as their location. Sometimes things can go wrong on the server and you will need to delete the player's data files. After deleting their player data file, they would essentially connect as if they were a new player.

These steps will allow you to reset player data on your server.
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To prevent any corruption, make sure your server is offline before you begin any tutorial that involves manipulating server files.

1. Firstly, we require the UUID of the player. To reset your data, go to

The Universally Unique Identifier (or UUID) is a unique identifier given to players when they join a server. It allows them to easily access information about the player, item storage, and other details.

1. Once you have found your player, a UUID will be shown under that players name. Similar to the image below. For later reference, you can write the UUID in a sticky note/notepad.

2. Now, go to your ServerMiner Control Panel. Click File Manager. If you have some experience with FTPs, these steps can also be copied to FileZilla.

3. Enter the folder name of the current world you have uploaded to your server. To find out which world you are currently using, go to the Minecraft Worlds tab in your ServerMiner Control Panel.

4. Navigate to the playerdata folder and enter it, this is where all the data (Inventory/Positions) of the players who join your server are stored.

5. If there aren't many files, you can simply look for the UUID of the player you wish to reset by referencing it to the UUID you have written down. You can also use the shortcut Ctrl+F for searching for the UUID. Once you have found it, click on the checkbox and hit Delete.

Congratulations! You've reset the data for the player. You can now open your server and allow that player to join it! The player will spawn in your world with no inventory.

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